Play against your friends, your league and all other managers


Classic NHL fantasy format

Rich stats, graphs and live games


Wage psychological war and trash talk your foes or exchange info with your buddies


Highly addictive - might end up thinking about trades all the time



Team Puuma



Team Jagr

Top value



  • Update amidst playoff sabre rattling 05/04 23:06

    Congrats to teams still hanging on in the mix! This update is dedicated to pay homage to all award winners. Hats down.

  • 2nd round update - playoffs view 04/27 22:01

    First and foremost - congratulations to users that advanced to 2nd round - Bring it on!! As playoff battles get more and more tense, we felt a urge to have a playoff view with info on all series. If you didn't make the cut, teams in a Winner branch were dropped into Looser playoff branch. If you got cut from a Looser group, you can still play for...

  • Playoffs instructions 04/13 21:58

    We've been getting questions about playoff format and rules, so here is a playoff help page with all info about rounds, points trades, etc. (also accessible through menu)