Play against your friends, your league and all other managers


Classic NHL fantasy format

Rich stats, graphs and live games


Wage psychological war and trash talk your foes or exchange info with your buddies


Highly addictive - might end up thinking about trades all the time



Bone Blizzards




Top value


Original Gangsters

  • November update no1 11/10 14:18

    This updates is the most robust one this season. We introduce many many small fixes and even more bigger/smaller functionality tweaks. Teams view is split into tabs now for better accessibility and visibility of view options Teams best day tab includes "All time" checkbox to compare daily performances across seasons Teams main tab includes column...

  • Player profile update and trade challenge 10/29 13:55

    In this update we focused mainly on player profile view and fixed couple of outstanding issues. We also introduce a permanent trade challenge. Player profile Player history tab - view player owner/price changes day by day Display last game stats Goalie stats - fixed goalie info - stats and rankings Graphs are anchored to this season Visual...

  • October additions 10/23 15:15

    We failed to find the time needed to let you know what's new on the site, so let this be a quick catch-up. Brand new additions: League history Browse your league day by day Players by country See how players from each country are doing You might have missed: User stats Pie graphs showing who our users are. Accessible through menu Schedule tab in...