Furry notebook

Rosterrier is your hockey intelligence notebook.
Put players into different rosters to track their schedule and performance. Use quick global notes or per-player notes and don't forget that perfect idea ever again!

Watch short help videos @ youtube


Free date intervals
Separate stats and schedule time-frames allow you to choose any dates for your analysis.

Take advantage of Rosterrier smart periods or use exact calendar.

Organize stats

Data manipulation
Keep stats the way you like em.

Show/hide and move columns to any position within table

More stats

Select more stats
Add new stats and re-organize all columns at once

Working with stats

Data filtering
Set multiple sorting and filtering criteria to create complex selections

Storing your tabs

Rosterrier by default stores all stats and settings.

The next time you wake Rosterrier you start right where you ended.

Single player lookup

Quickly find player data
Access the most important player data within seconds.

Find players by part of their name, nickname or even jersey numbers and stat values


Put players into roster groups
Manage rosters and players within rosters.

Mass import players - copy&paste from your league's page.

Players and Rosters

Add and remove player(s) from rosters
Add player(s) to roster(s) and set trade planning info


Compare stats for multiple players
Planned trade dates for your players appear in schedule calendar as blue stripes.

Comparing players

Compare stats for multiple players
Highlight players and use auto-totals for super-fast comparison of multiple players at once

Storing and sharing gallery

Store and Share your stats
Store multiple tabs and share them with your friends in Rosterrier app or through social media


Rosterrier is highly customizable and allows you to set numerous defaults to speed up your analysis even more.