Official Rosterrier playoffs

Each user's best team that participated in season advances to official playoffs

Unofficial playoffs

For teams that get created after the season and non-advancing season teams
Switch the season combo to season instead of playoff round and create/join your own leagues


Whole pool is divided in half into winner and looser branches. The winner branch gets to play for the cup
Teams are mixed into playoff groups according to their performance

(Not)Advancing to next round

After each round better half of the group advances to next round
Teams from winner branch that do not advance into next round will be transferred to looser playoff branch
Elimination from looser branch round ends your official playoff journey, but can continue to play with your team in season context


Teams in official playoffs start with 10 trades
5 trades are given out every Thursday - no additional trades between rounds
Teams carry over trades to the next round


Fantasy points are being reset after each round - every round starts from 0