As you might have noticed we missed last week's update. Reason is obvious - no time, no time.
We decided to go rather for small enhancements and bug fixes to get something released within the limited time we had. We accumulated enough changes for a smaller release just today. Mark sell date for each player on your roster
Click any schedule cell in your roster to add a personal date label. It's intended to keep track when you want to evaluate or sell that player. This cell will be displayed in red background and it will keep the value for next logins as well. Happy planning.

Added icon into roster header which brings you right to marked players inside players view.
Tuned the main menu to open fantasy submenu by default, when you view dashboard or roster.

Notable bugfixes (could have earned a trade if you reported them):
mobile roster previous day arrows
dashboard leader league ordering
lineups not being displayed
compare players surname not being visible if many players displayed
roster history for previous seasons
roster marked players dots not being displayed