This year's playoffs will be held in exactly same format as last year.
More info:

You team will keep it's value upon entering playoffs

Players are not going to change value anymore

Your team will enter playoffs with 0 points



You start the playoffs with season roster and 10 extra trades at hand. Trades do not get carried over from season - use all your trades and watch out and tune your roster before the start!


Pool of all teams will be split into winner and looser playoffs tree. First 384 users advance to winner playoffs. If a user has more than one team, only the one with the most points will advance into playoffs. New users/teams will be included in looser playoffs.


At the beginning of playoffs teams in each tree are split into seeded groups. After all games in a round are done, first half of the group advances to the next round. In the first round of looser playoffs only 12 teams advance from each group. 


If a team gets eliminated from winner playoffs, it gets to play in the next round of looser playoffs. Elimination from looser playoffs is terminal.