After epic final series, the season is over. Whether your are happy, relieved, sad or confused about it - hope to see you all next season.

Congratulations to winners:
Season - Team Puuma
Playoffs - Koskela River Rats
Looser Playoffs - HC Katsotut kortit

If you wish to have some features added - this is the time to let us know!
Next season will be the first season without major site overhaul, so players and new teams will be available much sooner. Check the site regularly.

We ended up the season at 220EUR. Even though we are still in red, huge thanks to everyone who donated.

Summer plans:
We have loads of ideas for this summer, so unless we die from the heat, we will deliver some additions.
We will have to migrate the server to upgrade OS and cut the cost down, so we might be unavailable for a short period of time.