Advancing to playoffs
Every manager's best team advances to the first round of playoffs with budget and lineup intact
According to season points earned, first 384 teams advance into "winner playoffs" - the main event.
Teams under the cut will continue playing in "looser playoffs".

You can carry over a maximum of 10 trades into the playoffs.
Trades which are over 10 will be cut few hours before the first playoff match will start.
5 trades get added as usual every Thursday.
In case multiple games get postponed due to covid or any other reason, we award additional 3 trades to all fantasy teams that Sunday.

Prices and budget
Player prices and team value/budget are no longer changing - they get effectively frozen.

Playoff pools
Teams are further split into same size pools, so you don't compete against everyone else, but only against teams in the same pool.

Advancing to the next round
After all games from NHL playoff round are finished, top 12 teams will advance into the next round and we make up new pools.
Teams start each round with 0 points, but the left over trades get carried over into the next round.

Winner playoffs
Pools always consist of 24 teams out of which top 12 will advance into the next round. The rest of the teams are assigned into next round pool in the looser playoffs and can play on.
First round starts with 16 pools, second with 8, third with 4 and in the final round there is only 1 pool of 24 teams left.

Looser playoffs
Pools in the looser playoffs are bigger depending on overall number of teams.
As in winner playoffs - only top 12 teams advance into the next round and get mixed with the bottom teams from winner playoffs.
If you do not manage to end up in the top 12, you're done.
First and second round start with 16 pools, which get down to 8 in the third round and 1 in the finals.

Winners of each half are awarded trophies and get announced in the awards section.