We are aiming to start the new season on 1st of September. You will be able to create teams/leagues for new season and make your initial trades.
After epic final series, the season is over. Whether your are happy, relieved, sad or confused about it - hope to see you all next season.

Congratulations to winners:
Season - Team Puuma
Playoffs - Koskela River Rats
Looser Playoffs - HC Katsotut kortit

If you wish to have some features added - this is the time to let us know!
Next season will be the first season without major site overhaul, so players and new teams will be available much sooner. Check the site regularly.

We ended up the season at 220EUR. Even though we are still in red, huge thanks to everyone who donated.

Summer plans:
We have loads of ideas for this summer, so unless we die from the heat, we will deliver some additions.
We will have to migrate the server to upgrade OS and cut the cost down, so we might be unavailable for a short period of time.
Perhaps the last bigger update of this season is here. It includes a couple of enhancements that might help even at this point and a lot of fixes.

Marked players price calculator to calculate even complex trades
Lineups highlight players from current roster
Finals are ready and eagerly waiting for the long pause between rounds to end.

Margin of error is thinner than ever - who are the must have players and how to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack? You have 5 days to figure that out.

In case you wonder - 5 Thursday trades will be awarded.
Congrats to teams still hanging on in the mix!
This update is dedicated to pay homage to all award winners. Hats down.
First and foremost - congratulations to users that advanced to 2nd round - Bring it on!!
As playoff battles get more and more tense, we felt a urge to have a playoff view with info on all series.

If you didn't make the cut, teams in a Winner branch were dropped into Looser playoff branch. If you got cut from a Looser group, you can still play for fun under season 18/19 context.
We've been getting questions about playoff format and rules, so here is a playoff help page with all info about rounds, points trades, etc. (also accessible through menu)
We made it! Against all the adversities and hurdles (bugs) we had to overcome - playoffs has started and the competition is ON!
Fixed bunch of playoffs related issues and some unrelated and even found time for little additions.
As you must have noticed, we struggled a bit to get the playoffs up and running. Everything should be set for the first night - await 5 new trades tomorrow.

If you experience any problems let us know.
Make sure to clear your browser cache, since we roll out updates at least once a day.
You can use your trades up to and including Sunday April 7th. As soon as the 8th hits all trades will be reset to 10.