We've been getting questions about playoff format and rules, so here is a playoff help page with all info about rounds, points trades, etc. (also accessible through menu)
We made it! Against all the adversities and hurdles (bugs) we had to overcome - playoffs has started and the competition is ON!
Fixed bunch of playoffs related issues and some unrelated and even found time for little additions.
As you must have noticed, we struggled a bit to get the playoffs up and running. Everything should be set for the first night - await 5 new trades tomorrow.

If you experience any problems let us know.
Make sure to clear your browser cache, since we roll out updates at least once a day.
You can use your trades up to and including Sunday April 7th. As soon as the 8th hits all trades will be reset to 10.
Season is a long grind, especially when your team is doing poorly. So can't wait for playoffs ourselves!
This year's playoffs will be held in exactly same format as last year.
More info:
Fantasy teams are now displayed with status icon(s).
Once again we had to postpone an update, this time due to raging flue season.
We finally fixed injury reports, added live goal scorers and addressed number of more or less serious bugs.

Since we get less and less bug reports - please do find a minute to report bug/imperfection of any kind. Thanks!
As you might have noticed we missed last week's update. Reason is obvious - no time, no time.
We decided to go rather for small enhancements and bug fixes to get something released within the limited time we had. We accumulated enough changes for a smaller release just today.
Last big piece that Rosterrier was missing is overview and analysis of specific NHL team. That ends today.