We made it! Against all the adversities and hurdles (bugs) we had to overcome - playoffs has started and the competition is ON!
Fixed bunch of playoffs related issues and some unrelated and even found time for little additions.
Year is a long time, so a lot of time was consumed by trying to remember all the stuff that's needed for playoffs. Here are some enhancements and bugfixes we rolled out:

Season Awards are available! You can view last season awards by changing the season combo.
Enhanced the display of season combo options
Playoff groups show season ranking for each team
League shows how many points each team is up/down from the cut
Live scorers show goal type (shg/ppg)
Roster - disable today button if already today

League display
Teams display
Schedule display
Dashboard top teams
Live scorers - first scorer of day was cut off from the list
Players playoff timeframe showed last playoffs