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  • Do i loose a trade on buy-back?

    No, you gain the trade back as soon as you put the original player on your roster
  • Do i get points for days with an incomplete roster?

    No you don't. You have to have all spots on your roster filled, otherwise you will see the resulting points, but they won't get included in season totals.
  • When are the points for last night's games assigned?

    Approximately 15 minutes after the last game is finished. It may vary depending on game reports availability.
  • Do I have to join a league?

    No, you're perfectly fine staying outside and compete for the season totals with everyone
  • If I join late can I still participate in playoffs?

    Sure, but you will be assigned to the loser bracket.
  • My players didn't get all their points, why is that?

    Stats get re-downloaded and corrected automatically for a few hours after the games finished. If you don't get your points after 6AM EST, please do write us and we will correct it manually.