Back again with updates and fixes.
This week we got some nice proposals from a couple of users and awarded a trade to sulinek.
Come on and send a couple to get a trade too.

Schedule improvements

Schedule now displays high (green) and low (red) game density as you were used to from Swegamers.
Schedule is displayed in more compact way, so that you fit more teams/games within your screen.

Player rows

Static player column in roster and players views now includes mark link and add/remove link. Now you can buy/mark player straight away when scrolling for stats.
Player name has been shortened to first letter of first name and last name to save some space.


Graphs have been updated to include multiple axis. This way value/money get more spread out.

Roster stats

Changed Tdiff column to display value change since last trade
Added Tdiff column into roster -> players that displays total value change of the player while on your roster