In this haul we got one feature request and one improvement of our own.
Now you can compare your roster with others via graph. Added options and widgets to personalize your dashboard.

Roster graphs

In roster view go to graphs and add team(s) you want to be charted along with yours. You can toggle stats that you want to compare.

Dashboard config and widgets

Personalize you dashboard - permanently hide widgets you do or don't want to see.
You can do so by clicking the cog at the right of dashboard title and selecting widgets you would like to see/hide.
Along come a few new widgets which you can put on your dashboard. Send us tips for new widgets!
Settings are stored for future logins.

New dashboard widgets:
polls - different (non)hockey related poll every couple of days
last news - link these articles
last injuries - 10 last injuries
quick links - panel with links to main views

We got same contributor Sulinek winning the trade challenge.