In this update we focused mainly on player profile view and fixed couple of outstanding issues. We also introduce a permanent trade challenge.

Player profile

Player history tab - view player owner/price changes day by day
Display last game stats
Goalie stats - fixed goalie info - stats and rankings
Graphs are anchored to this season
Visual brushup

Trade challenge

We decided to award a trade to user who substantially helps us to improve the site within given week. You can do so by reporting multiple accepted bugs or improvement proposals. Help us make Rosterrier better.

Notable fixes
better warning handling - requests which generated warnings were redirected to homepage (buying players and others)
dashboard yesterday players wasn't displaying 0 point players
league records most value lost
goalie averages counted games where goalie was on bench
We failed to find the time needed to let you know what's new on the site, so let this be a quick catch-up.

Brand new additions:

League history

Browse your league day by day

Players by country

See how players from each country are doing

You might have missed:

User stats

Pie graphs showing who our users are.
Accessible through menu

Schedule tab in players view

Switch between players list and team schedule more efficiently

Day by day schedule

View upcoming games and game result day by day
Accessible through menu

Game events replay

Replay any game and see events as they happened and deeper analytics.
Click at any finished game in sidebar schedule or day by day schedule
We didn't have much time to keep you up to date about what's going on. All our time was dedicated towards fixing functionality and visual bugs in different browser/device environments. We managed to weed out most of them, but some more will certainly occur. We were so busy that we do not have a complete roster of our own yet!

Many areas of the site have still much space for improvement and will deliver updates during the season as you got used to last year.

5 new trades will be provided the first Thursday (4th).

Special thanks to everyone providing us with bug reports and ideas for new enhancements. Keep going.

Good skill based luck to everyone
Finally we managed to set player prices, so trading is opened!

We determined the price of each and every player according to his last year performance.
Total points and average for whole season (excluding playoffs) and last month were taken into consideration. Keep in mind we will employ different trading algorithm and prices will adjust more quickly to owner changes.
Players that did not play last year were assigned 500k price with a few hand-picked exceptions.

If you find a player that you think is mispriced, let us know.

We fixed a couple of reported bugs and included some of demanded functionality like:
Colored backgrounds for sorted columns
Visual aid to see sorted columns straight away

Stats filters (accessible through view's submenu)
Combine filters for multiple columns while using > < and = annotation (>=30)

Online users
Within your league you can see number of online users and their respective avatars

User avatar images have been placed in numerous places on the site
First of all welcome to new fantasy season - first games are getting as close as never before during the long hot summer.

As you noticed, we kept up our promise (missed the release date by a couple of days) and re-wamped the user interface.

Event though much of the functionality stayed intact and only a few new features found it's way into this release, we had to overhaul large chunks of code along with the design.
So expect bugs to appear - we hope to fine-tune everything before the season starts, but can't do it without your help. Do not hesitate and let us know about everything that might be off.

Right now all players are locked. You can go ahead and create team(s)/leagues for new season though. We are tuning starting player prices and positions and as soon as we are satisfied we will unlock.

Looking forward to kick your ass